Diving in National Park Brijuni

3 locations: Sv. Jerolim, Rt Peneda, Grunj

Housereef dives from autocamp Stoja, on two different locations, are available for all diving levels.

Cave dive Galebove stijene Hippocampus Diving Center Istria


At this site, you dive along a vertical cliff that winds parallel to the shore and takes you to a number of tunnels and swim-throughs. At the cliff’s end, you come to a tunnel 20 m long that ends in a large cave, about 20 m in diameter and 10-15 m high, through which the shore can be reached. This is a favourite site for the second dive of the day or simply for testing diving skills.

Maximum depth: 17m
Minimum depth: 3m

damselfish Stoja diving Hippocampus Diving Center Istria


This dive site is suited to all types of divers and all categories. Diving takes place along the seashore at the Stoja Motor Camp located at the northern cape. In relation to the shore, the terrain is rather steep, and it is characteristic for its rocky, irregular configuration with many crevices and canyons among the rocks.

Maximum depth : 25m
Minimum depth: 5m

Coral Reef Canyon Dive Site Verudela, Pula Hippocampus Diving Center Istria


This site is situated at Cape Verudela, in a canyon that rises to 20 m above sea level. The depth here is 3 – 7 m. The exit from the canyon leads through several natural tunnels at a depth of about 5 m. The terrain then drops steeply down to 25 m. Along the descent, there are two large caves, as well as many smaller holes and caves at depths of 16 – 19 m.

Maximum depth: 25m
Minimum depth: 3m

smelt fish Lighthouse diving Hippocampus Diving Center Istria


This dive site consists of a fairly short wall, 100 m long, located alongside a hotel beach. Diving is mostly conducted in one direction, and the gradual slope makes it easy to select the depth you want. The site is teeming with various types of fish and crabs, and it is not unusual to see lobsters and eels. Because of its shallow depths, it is highly suitable for beginner categories or for the first dive after a longer break.

Maximum depth: 28m
Minimum depth: 3m

Fun dive Fraskeric Island with Hippocampus Diving Center Istria


Located on the northern part of Fraškerić Island, this is one of the loveliest dive sites on Istria’s west coast, and it is known for its four caves to dive through. It is suited to all diving categories and all types of diving courses.

Maximum depth: 25m
Minimum depth: 4m

two-banded seabream Frasker Island Hippocampus Diving Center Istria


Although currents are not strong here, divers go in one direction only – with the current – to ensure easier and more enjoyable diving. A boat follows the dive group the whole time. This is an interesting site because dives are made along walls and rocks forming 2 – 3 cascades, at depths of 15 m, 18-20 m, and below 20 m. Each wall is different in its own way, with numerous niches and holes inhabited by fish and crabs.

Maximum depth: 30m
Minimum depth: 6m

Ship's mast dive location Hippocampus Diving Center Istria


The vertical wall descending from 10 – 14 m to 25 m is full of holes and caves of various sizes that can easily be inspected without going into them. Rammed into the rock at a depth of 25 m, there is a ship’s mast with the remains of the ship still visible. When returning, you come to a cave at a depth of only 9 m, which you can enter.

Maximum depth: 35m
Minimum depth: 6m

Red Starfish Bumbiste dive site Hippocampus Diving Center Istria


This exceptionally lovely site with a long and interesting wall stretching over 200 m in length is well suited for all types of courses and all types of divers. It is possible to dive to depths of up to or over 20 m. This dive site has a number of underwater nazes with numerous holes and underwater crags teeming with life and rich in colour. Because you enter the water only a few metres from the shore, this gives added safety to your dive.

Maximum depth: 33m
Minimum depth: 8m

american dive x


We dive along the western side of the peninsula. The irregular configuration of the seabed as well as many relatively small holes make this site attractive to all diving categories and provide an opportunity to encounter some not-so-common fish species such as dentex and sea breams. From spring to autumn this is home to the seahorse.

Maximum depth: 25m
Minimum depth: 5m

barrel jellyfish blumenkohlqualle diving Pula tauchen Pula x


We dive on top of a slowly descending plateau, keeping the coast line on our right side. You can go down to nearly 30 metres in certain areas, but the interesting part of this dive site is at depths between 10 and 14 m where you can find a lot of big boulders, hiding spots for lots of sea life. Along the way, we usually pass many large schools of fish.

Maximum depth: 24m
Minimum depth: 3m

Hippocampus Diving Center Divin in National Park Brijuni x


This is one of the dive sites in the National Park Brijuni. The entire park is a protected area and therefore we often see more variety in marine life; it is definitely worth a dive. We follow the small wall of the reef and explore the ‘rocky arms’ reaching out from the reef. The wall and its little caves are a hiding place for lobsters, nudis and big cods, and in the sandy bottom we sometimes find rays. In the blue you can find many schools of fish hunting and being hunted.

Maximum depth: 28m
Minimum depth: 10m