About Istria and Pula


Pula, Istria


Pula ( Italian, Pola ) is a city in Croatia, situated in the South of the Istrian peninsula. The name comes from the old Roman name Provincia Iulia Pola Polentia Herculanea. The city is known, as are other cities of the region, for its mild climate, beautiful sea and pristine nature. It has a long tradition of wine production, fishing, ship building and tourism. Walking around Pula you will notice many monuments of the Roman architecture: the “Golden Gate” or the Arch of the Sergi family from the first century B.C., Gate of Hercules and Twin Gates, the Temple of Augustus and a small Roman theatre in the centre of the town. A special treat will be relaxing in the main square, Forum, which has conserved its function as a place of gathering since the times of the Emperor Augustus. The natural beauty of Pula’s surroundings and the turquoise Adriatic sea have made the city an international tourist destination. Of extraordinary beauty is the nearby National Park Brijuni. The coastal area offers beaches, fishing, diving excursions to the remains of Roman galleys and World War I war ships, sailing visits to caves as well as small and big islands. The real advantages of Pula are most certainly the 190 kilometres of jagged coast line, crystal clear sea and accesible beaches of all types: flat stones or pebbles appropriate for everyone, especially for families with children, or “wild” beaches, secluded by trees for those who love privacy and intimate atmosphere.


The place where gladiators faced lions used to entertain up to 25,000 spectators. This grandiose edifice allows you to get an insight of its glorious history, the one you can see, feel, and experience. Nowadays it hosts many renowned cultural programs.


Adriatic sea that washes the istrian coasts ranks as one of the most beautiful and cleanest seas in the world, with a deep blue color, rich and interesting underwater world.


It can be seen from any point of the narrow coastal strip, but the true magic begins once you immerse into it, whether only for a swim on the surface or to dive into its depths.


Situated on Stoja peninsula, on the very tip of the mainland, it is entirely dedicated to offering you a pleasurable holiday. The rocky coast of this Pula camping site on the Adriatic is reserved for true lovers of tamed wilderness who, apart from enjoying natural beauties on land, can also dive into the fascinating underwater world.